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By Giancarlo Perini ©

The genius of Giorgetto Giugiaro will be celebrated on November 8th in Rome, Italy by the highest Italian cultural institution »Accademia dei Lincei»

Mr. Giugiaro will be awarded the «2013 Antonio Feltrinelli Prize» that can be labelled the Italian «Nobel» as it celebrates – since 1931 – the world masters in the fields of Moral and Historic Sciences, Natural Physics and Mathematics, Literature, Art and Medecine.

Giugiaro will be joining celebrities such as Thomas Mann, Albert Sabin, Henri Moore, Giacomo Manzù, Bruno Rossi, Laurence Olivier, Igor Stravinsky, Rita Levi Montalcini, Gaetano Salvemini, and Eugenio Montale in this unique olympus.

Giorgetto GIUGIARO

Mr. Giugiaro will receive from Professor Emeritus Alberto Quadrio Curzio who will declare that the famous designer «can be considered the top living designer for his ability to apply the Italian creative fanciness in the area of automobile, trains and industrial products harmonizing aesthetics and engineering.»

The «Premio Feltrinelli» is the latest high prestige prize award to a genius that has already received, inter alia, seven Lauree Honoris Causa from universities around the world, five «Compasso d’Oro” and the “Car Designer of the Century Award».

GG + his Alfa Romeo

Giorgetto Giugiaro is president of Italdesign-Giugiaro, a Turin based company of the Volkswagen Group.

Italdesign-Giugiaro was established in February 1968 as a design and engineering think-tank with a new and innovative holistic approach to car body design. It is estimated that Giugiaro’s company has developed the design for some 200 new cars. In 1971, Giugiaro expanded the company’s horizon and reach to the design and prototyping of all sort of products, from helicopter’s interior to home and office furniture, fron sun-glasses and watches to mega yacht interiors, now performed by Giugiaro Design and Giugiaro Architettura.

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GG+ cars of the early 70ies

  • Ted

    Molto interessante

  • Albert Nestler

    per chi ama l’auto e chi l’ha resa così bella negli anni credo che sia corretto chiamare ‘Nobel’ questo premio!

  • Oscar De Vita

    Another deserved award enters the long list of this living Guru of Design. A kind man that let us say, proudly, “Italians do it better”…

  • Guest

    You are damn right, Oscar.

  • Daniel Tomicic

    It’s always tricky to say who is the best, specially in car design which is o closely connected to industry and therefore not explored so deeply as art is, for instance. Undoubtedly Giugiaro is one of the greatest car designers of all time, but who can say he is better than Flaminio Bertoni or Jakov Sučik, to mention just two who could easily be praised in the same manor.

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